Inter-American Network of Networks of QCD challenges  

Quarks and gluons are fundamental building blocks of all the visible matter in the universe. Their interactions are described by the theory of strong nuclear interactions: Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). A complete understanding of how the observed properties in the universe emerge from these interactions has remained elusive. 

Although the physics community working in such projects is organized in collaborations and supported by various governments and research centers, networks are critically important to take the required bold steps to conduct holistic and collaborative analyses of research questions.

This initiative focuses on designing and establishing a network of networks across the United States, Canada and Latin America to accelerate the process of tackling QCD challenges. It will provide collaborative research opportunities and enable the training of students and early-career scientists in international multi-team nuclear and particle physics projects that will have a strong participation of networks from this region. Such activities will promote the integration of physics communities across the Americas. It will also serve to identify ethics norms and scientific guidelines for network-to-network projects across the Americas in nuclear physics.