About the program

Goals of the program

This AccelNet-Design project will engage the domestic and international network partners around four main goals:

(1) Develop strategic partnerships across the various physics research networks in the Americas to tackle QCD challenges;

(2) Identify the needs, strengths and synergies of network partners for developing large scale science projects in the US;

(3) Design activities for researchers in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America that will facilitate leveraging complementary resources for QCD research, and

(4) Enhance the training of the next generation of researchers in a novel set of skills that include international multi-team experience.

Research directions

To enable diverse network opportunities, the research themes will be broad, including research in theory, data analyses, high performance computing, particle detectors and accelerator technologies, real-time event selection, as well as software and Monte Carlo simulation development. Applications of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and quantum technologies, will also be part of the coordination effort.


  • Establish communications and relationships among existing networks

  • Promote the development of new networks to tackle QCD challenges

  • Organization of scientific meetings aimed at bringing the community together. Support the organization of workshops, conferences, summer schools organized by networks or network partners

  • Research exchange and mobility programs between networks in the U.S., Canada and Latin American countries